What Is A Mast Bearing?

Posted by Admin on November, 23, 2020

Found on the forklift trucks, the mast bearings carry the carriage or forks to the mast and also enables the different states of the mast to extend.
You will get to see four different types of mast bearing. They are as follows:

• The Mast Guide Bearings: These bearings are used to guide the mast stages up as the forks are raised far beyond the first stage. These are also used to attach the mast rails and the fork carriage.

• The Carriage Bearings: These are used to give lateral guidance to the fork carriage when it travels up to the mast. These are generally smaller than that of the first type of mast bearing, called the mast guide bearings.

• The Side Thrust Rollers: Using this bearing you can move the lateral load to the mast and also can prevent the twist. These are usually mounted on the pin or shaft.

• The Chain Roller Bearings: These bearings are used to guide the leaf chains which lowers & raise the mast. The bearings usually look like a pulley which ensure that the chain is fully captive.

At times the side thrust rollers and also the mast guide bearings are used together to complete the assembly which is called combined roller bearing. Choose the best products from reliable mast bearing manufacture in Gujarat and use it.

Features Of Mast Bearings

There are amazing features of mast bearings which you will get to see in details below. Some are as follows:

• Inseparable Design: To create an inseparable wheel the components of the bearings are held together.
• Thick Outer Ring: The mast bearings usually work at a very low speed. These travel on the rail like a wheel and usually carries heavy loads. Compared to the standard bearing, the outer ring is thicker. This enables the load which needs to be transmitted.
• Rollers And Balls: Because the mast bearings carry heavy loads, these have rollers or balls which is used as a rolling element.
• Seals: The mast bearings use seals which helps in preventing the grease from escaping. This also keeps debris out of the bearing. These seals can be made of metal, rubber or with the combination of both.

When you get products from a well-known mast bearing supplier in Mumbai you will get all these features in your mast bearing. These features make it easy to work using these in your company or industry.

How To Select A Mast Bearing?

To identify or select a mast bearing you need to read the following information. This will help you to know the right process of identifying the right mast bearing from the best mast bearing exporter in India.

• The making of the fork truck.
• The brand stamps or the part number on the bearing or the parts books part number. Both will help.
• The accurate dimensions are also possible. Like the shaft size, the outside diameter or OD and the width. The width of the inner and the outer ring should be different. You should know both to make sure that the bearing will fit accurately to the shaft. In case of the side thrust rollers, the length of the shaft and also the hole centres is also very important and critical.
• Check the bearing shape and also whether it has balls and rollers inside or not.

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